Celebrating 100 Years of Flight (1903 - 2003)

Carl E. Maas Crafstmanship Award

2000 - 2005 Award Winners:
Ralph Roberts Carl P.Maas

 Brian Laird
Jeff Fukushima

 Mitch Schwartzburg

 Richard Spencer

Original Design X-29

Original Design P-51 Reno Racer - "Voodoo"

 Original Design ME - 262 jet fighter

 Original Design F4U-4 Corsair

  Original Design AF-3S Guardian

 Original Design ME-109 G-6







2006 - 2010 Award Winners:
Carl P.Maas Brian Laird

F-14 Tomcat

Original Design "Super Tucano"









 Carl Maas Sr and Jeff Fukushima

 Jeff Fukushima and his Corsair

 Brian Laird's ME-262

 Carl Maas Jr's Voodoo Racer

 Ralph Robert's X-29

 Mitch Schwartzburg's Guardian

Richard Spencer's ME-109


 Carl Maas Jr's F-14 Tomcat

Brian Laird's Super Tucano


The 100 Years of Flight, Carl E. Maas craftsmanship award was created in 2003 by Carl E.Maas, ISR member and Master Judge of the ISR PSS Festival event.

Carl E.Maas has been in the modeling industry over 50 years, starting with freeflight, Reeds controlled R/C flight, proportional R/C radio control using Micro Avionics, Orbit, Kraft, RS Systems, and onto the newer R/C systems. He has been active in R/C aerobatics, R/C pylon racing, thermal soaring, slope soaring, precision scale, and electrics, as well as power scale flying. Carl E. Maas has designed many aircraft, from the early ages of flight to the modern slope soarers and electric planes. It is the Inland Slope Rebels distinct pleasure that we have such a distinguished member among us. Carl E. Maas is the head judge of the annual PSS Festival.

The Carl E. Maas Craftsmanship award is presented to one person as an honor for some aspect of the R/C slope soaring achievement in excellence. The award is determined using many factors of building skill, innovation, quality and dedication to sport of R/C Slope Soaring. Carl E. Maas personally selects and awards this honor to the deserving person.


In 2007, the award for outstanding craftsmanship went to Brian Laird for his incredible Ambraer "Super Tucano". It was detailed out, and looked very cool. This is a very wll crafted slope glider.

In 2006, Carl Maas Jr. was awarded the Craftsmanship award for his finely detailed and mean looking F-14 Tomcat. It features fully detailed cockpits, panels, lines and other fantastic details.

In 2005, Carl Maas Sr. awarded the Craftsmanship award to Richard Spencer for his investment in modeling excellence. Richard built a very detailed 1/6 Scale ME-109 G-6 "Gustav" fighter. The plane had opening cockpit, removeable fuel tank, detailed cockpit and the craftsmanship was outstanding. Richard has also built aircraft such as the grumman F6F Hellcat that was a big winner at the 2004 IMS show. Congratulations to Richard for demonstrating his outstanding dedication to the Scale R/C Slope soaring community.

In 2004, Carl Maas Sr. awarded the Craftsmanship award to Mitch Schwartzburg for his outstanding improvement with his scratch built Grumman AF-3S Guardian. Mitch's Guardian was a masterpiece of detail, both inside and out. His Guardian features a complete cockpit, torpedo bay with working torpedo drop, engine details and amazing accuracy to scale. Congratulations to Mitch for making such a huge leap in craftsmanship and attention to detail in the field of PSS sloping.

In 2003, Carl awarded the Craftsmanship award to Jeff Fukushima for his outstanding contributions to R/C Soaring with his F4U-4 Corsair original design. Jeff's Corsair was a masterpiece of weathering and detail. Congratulations to Jeff, on a job well done.

In 2003 at the PSS Festival, held each year at the Cajon Summit, CA. Carl E. Maas also awarded previous years entrants with their awards. Past winners were: Ralph Roberts for his oustanding effort designing, building and flying his unique X-29. Brian Laird was also awarded for his original design ME-262 german fighter jet. It features fully molded fiberglass fuselage and engine nacelles. This is one gorgeous machine. Carl P. Maas was awarded for his original design P-51 "Voodoo" reno racer. Painted up to resemble the beautiful reno racer, Carl designed this racer, built a mold for the fuselage, and custom finished this P-51.

Congratulations to ALL of the Carl E. Maas Craftsmanship award winners. We look forward to future award winners.