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    About the ISR

    The ISR (Inland Slope Rebels) of Riverside, CA. is a Radio Control Slope Soaring glider club that was founded in December of 1995, by a group of dedicated modelers whose goal is to energize each other, and the R/C Slope Soaring community into top notch designers, builders and fliers. Only serious members that are willing to participate and really get involved are accepted. Inquiries for new membership will be accepted.

    Definition Of REBELS from Webster's New World Dictionary = reb el (reb'l) 2. A person who resists any authority or control.

    We at ISR have an astonishing sense of Freedom, Commitment and Goal for the ongoing search of the elusive perfect model airplane. Our freedom is started from the top of the hill looking over the countryside, with the wind at our face and our friends at our side. The only element is nature itself, to beat or be beaten by the very thing that keeps us flying. To share the accomplishments and disappointments to the only person who takes our sport for real, the other fliers of the same sport. Our commitment is to ourselves, to reach out and get the edge on nature. To out wit, out smart and out run, nature's forces. The commitment to fly well, look good and share this commitment with others that fly with us. Our goals are simple. To enjoy the different aspects that flying has to offer. If it is designing, building, flying or racing, we keep it as simple as possible.

    The reality of ISR is that everyone in the club works full time and all of our time we devote to the club doesn't come easy. Different club members have designed and made their own planes that are offered here at ISR. They are made by sharp, crafty and devoted club members.

    The Super Tucano/Me-109/BD-5's/F-86s/F-84's were club Projects that every one in the club was a part of. We don't follow industry standard manufacturing techniques, because they don't suit our purposes for how we build our planes, and how tough they have to be.

    Slope Soaring Design

    Slope Soaring Design at the ISR club is about dreaming up a project and figuring out how to get-er-done. We have great members that enjoy helping others achieve their dreams, whether it be to build a completely scale Power Scale Soaring project or just a fun little slope rocket, the ISR group is all design, creativity, hard work (sometimes hardly working!) and some innovation thrown in. Our motto is you dream it, we can design and build it!

    Slope Soaring

    Slope Soaring is flying that is done on any hill, mountain, ridge, burm, bump, building or just about anything that will create a lift updraft! You toss your glider off the front of the hill, into the wind, and then fly back and forth across the face of the hill. This uses the ridge lift to propel the glider higher and higher, giving the pilots the ability to perform fast, aerobatic maneuvers and still stay airborne for almost as long as the flight batteries will allow. It is very exciting, quite, and for us completely exhiliarating to fly. It is best flown with friend, or group of slope crazed pilots, that will take slope flying to the limit. That's what the ISR is all about.

    Dynamic Soaring

    Dynamic Soaring is performed on slopes as well, but it takes a unique shaped ridge to perform. Traditional slopes are shaped with the slope facing the wind side of the hill. In order to Dynamic Soar, you must have a slope directly behind the front face, so that the hill is shaped like an inverter "V". The point at which you stand is the top of the "V" ridge. You throw your weighted glider into the wind, then build up some altitude, and then arc the glider from the front side of the slope into the backside of the hill, building up speed, then turning in a circle, back into the wind, and then circle back over the top of the slope , and then back into the backside of the hill again. By doing these circles, where the plane is in the back (downwind) side of the slope, then shoots back to the front of the ridge, it gets incredible speed and energy. With just a few circles on the backside of the hill, slope gliders can get going over 170mph!

    Thermal Soaring

    Thermal Soaring is performed by winch launching the gliders from flat ground. The winch pulls the glider up and then the glider unhooks from the winch line, and soars around, looking for thermals. If a thermal is caught, then it rises higher and higher. The objective of thermal soaring is to keep the glider aloft as long as possible.