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    This is a general listing of the Southern California, U.S.A Flying Sites that the ISR club usually fly at.

    Cajon Pass Flying Site (ISR) Club Flying Site, San Bernardino, CA USA

    Directions from Los Angeles, CA. area: Take the I-15 N to the top of Cajon pass,to Oak Hill rd off ramp. Turn left to go over the FWY to the other side. Turn right on Caliente for about 1/4 Mile. Turn left on Oak Hill to the bottom of the hill. Turn left on Jenny to the top of the hill. Turn left on Braceo for about 1 block. Turn right on White Haven for about one block. Turn Right on Landover for about one block, Turn right on Farmington for about one block. Turn Left on Rainbow (dirt road) get between the power poles for 500 feet and then turn left again between the other power poles (dirt road) that runs North-South and go south for 2 miles to concrete block house. There the road will fork, stay right on 3N24 to 3N21 and continue for one mile along the ridge (dirt road) of the summit to the flying site. This is a West wind canyon slope - Awesome place to fly, and host of the annual PSS slope festival slope.

    Riverside Reservoir flying slope , Riverside, CA USA

    Take 91 or 60 Fwy East to Riverside, CA. Turn off on Van Buren, go (South From 60, North from 91), then East on Limonite. Turn left on Camino Real, and left on Live Oak. Take a left on Piasano, and then right on Kachina. Drive straight up onto dirt road, and then another hard right at big fork in dirt road. drive to the top and park. This is a west wind hill, and blows almost every day. There is also a North facing slope, with an olympic size swimming pool. (Actually it is a Reservoir!) The road washes out, and only a four-wheel drive will make it. But you can easily walk up.

    Whitewater, Palm Springs, CA USA

    Palm Springs, CA. Take hwy 10 East to Whitewater exit. Go left off the freeway, crossing back over the freeway. turn right towards the windmills and drive until you pass the Rock supply store. Continue past, over the river bed bridge, and veer to the dirt road on the left. continue up the hill towards the big wind mills. The road will continue along the west facing ridge. Park under the wind mills about 1/4 mile down the road (right in the middle of the windmills). Fly at that point. You should be able to view the rock bed below, and the freeway. The wind blows very hard at this spot. Come prepared in winter (cold), and hot summer! This is a west facing slope. Wind can shift suddenly as well.

    Little Mountain, San Bernardino, CA USA

    Take the I-215 north from Riverside, through San Bernardino to the Mt. Vernon/27th exit. Exit to the right and make an almost immediate left onto Little Mountain Drive. Follow it to near the top of the hill, and make a right onto the dirt road. Follow the dirt road up (easy in a passenger car) and past the communications towers. There is a parking location about 75 yards past the towers. The hill is directly adjacent. West and Southwest wind. Good lift, great view, lots of combat flying.

    La Sierra Slope, Riverside, CA USA

    Take 91 Fwy East to Riverside, CA. Turn off on La Sierra, then go North until it dead ends into Arlington (about 2-3 miles). Turn right on Arlington, and then turn immediate left onto Western Ave. Go to the very end of the street, turn right on Country Bluff Rd. You will see the site at the end of the street. Park on street and walk past the gate, to top of hill using dirt access road. This is a west wind hill only. Great for combat, and testing out planes. Rolling hills for easy landing and access for plane retreival.

    The LSSS site is located on private property. Trespassing laws are strictly in effect. Persons with a current AMA membership card in their possession may "test fly" the hill up to three times as a guest (with a member present) in consideration of joining the LSSS club.

    Laguna Beach Soaring Guild flying slope, Laguna Beach, CA USA

    Take the Interstate 5 freeway in south Orange County, then turn off at Alicia, head South towards the beach. Turn right on Highlands, approximately 4 miles from freeway, then turn right into the third driveway/street on the right. Go about 1/2 mile through the construction area, then look out left to the slope area. Park along the street curb. AMA card and a city permit are required to fly at this site. Let the guard at the gate know your are flying at the site. Pilot certification is required, obtain from Mike Lance, Wade Kloos, of the Laguna Soaring Guild.

    Lake Hills, Riverside, CA USA

    Lake Hills has now been graded for housing. THAT JUST Sucks!

    Point Fermin, San Pedro, CA USA

    Take the 110 freeway South until it ends into Gaffey St. Continue South on Gaffey St., until it ends. You are now facing Pt. Fermin park, and the Pacific ocean. Turn right, and about 100 yards away on your left is the grassy cliff area. Park along the road, and throw your lead sled here! This is a very, very, very fast, and smooth VERTICAL flying slope. This is a West to Southwest facing slope. (Ocean breeze only).

    ---WARNING ---

    People with heart conditions, nervous disorders, fear of heights, and Altitude or Attitude problems, should NOT attempt to launch aircraft from this site! And this is all just before you launch! You cannot even begin to imagine the landing approach… Spin wildly out of control, across a four lane busy highway, around the palmtrees, and chainlink fence, then zoom climb along surface past concrete wall, and kite flyers, and CRASH it uncontrollably into the hillside, before you hit another chainlink fence, people, kites, cars and other obstructions. But do not worry, it's not bad! (If you have insurance) But the flying will blow your socks off…

    Temple Hill, Diamond Bar, CA USA

    Temple Hill is located in the foothills of Diamond Bar (LA County?) east of the 57 freeway between the 10 and 60 freeways in Southern California. It is a generally west facing hill and is usable on most afternoons. Home of the Temple Hill Slope Squadron.

    From the 57 freeway, exit at Temple Ave. Proceed East to Mission Blvd (1/8 mile). Turn Left on Mission Blvd. At the first right, turn right on Rancho Laguna Dr. Go up the hill to your first right and turn right on Alta Mira Place. This will dead-end into Los Coyotes Dr. Turn Left on Los Coyotes Dr. Go up the hill until you get to a small grove of eucalyptus trees with a big green water tank hidden inside. Park next to the water tank.

    Put on your hiking shoes and make sure you have plenty of water (you did bring water, didn't you). You will find a trail on the left side of the water tank at the notch in the retaining wall. Follow that trail around the left side of the water tank and on to the top of the second hill. It is about a .4 mile fairly easy hike (even for us old farts). I strongly recommend supportive shoes (especially near the trailhead) and a supply of water for those hot summer days. Flying is no fun when you're thirsty.

    Parker Mountain, Acton, CA USA

    This is the home of DS (Dynamic Soaring, Pat Bowman and Joe Wurtz) Take I-5 to I-14 towards Palmdale. Exit Crown Valley Road in Acton. At the bottom of the offramp, turn right on Crown Valley. Go down to the school. Turn Right at Syracuse. Syracuse becomes Escondido. Go up Escondido, turn Left at Hubbard. (Hubbard is a dirt road.) Take Hubbard down a windy road to Hughes Canyon and turn Left. Note white fenced horse corral on the right at Hughes crossroads. Take Hughes Canyon road approx 0.2 mile to the crest of the hill and turn left on the first dirt road that you come to. Take that road all the way to the top of the hill. You will come to a Saddle where you can fly off either side of the hill. Parking is limited so carpooling is strongly suggested. The road is rough so pick the vehicle with lots of ground clearance.

    Los Banos Creek Reservoir, Los Banos, CA USA

    This is slope soaring in a reservoir basin. It has incredible landing areas, multiple wind angle slopes, and gets some nice winds. Position yourself at the intersection of Interstate 5 and State highway 152. Exit East. Turn South on Volta Road, East on Pioneer, south on Canyon road. This will lead you back under I-5 in a Westerly direction. Continue to Los Banos Creek Reservoir. Turn left on to the dirt road "Rim Drive". The park usually requires a donation fee.

    Inland Soaring Society (ISS), Riverside, CA USA

    This is the home of the ISS, and of thermal soaring - flatland type soaring, where you look for thermal air. Take the 60 freeway East (toward Indio) from Central Riverside.  Exit University and turn left.  University will dead end and turn left onto Canyon Crest.  Follow Canyon Crest to Linden (stop sign) and turn right. Follow Linden to dead end and turn right on to the dirt road.  Follow dirt road around to the left and look for cars. Club members are there most every weekend.  12V Winch usually set up on Sundays between 9:00am to 12:00 Noon.

    Glider Point, Chino Hills, CA USA

    This is a state park slope soaring site on the edge of Yorba Linda, CA and Chino Hills. Take the 91 freeway West, exit at Weir Canyon, and head North, then make a right turn at Yorba Linda Blvd. Go East to Fairmont Blvd. Turn right on Fairmont Blvd to Rimcrest Drive (about 4 miles). Turn left on Rimcrest, and follow to end of Cul-de-Sac. Enter the Chino Hills State Park on the sidewalk and proceed along the left trail about 0.4 of a mile to the top of the ridge. This is known as Glider Point (a sign at the entrance will inform visitors of this) ENJOY! (Thanks to Kevin Bannon for this site).

    Estancia High School, Costa Mesa, CA USA

    This is a high school slope soaring site on the edge of Estancia High School in Costa Mesa, CA. The Harbor Soaring Society flies from this spot. This place has a bluff that's about 100 feet, and faces directly west. Very weak lift 90% of the time, but when the wind comes straight from the West, you can fly most anything.

    Tick Point, Muir Beach (San Francisco), CA USA

    This is a ocean view slope soaring site on the edge of Muir Beach. The slope is 2 miles North of Muir Beach on HWY 1 from S.F. over Golden Gate Bridge, take highway 1 to Stinson/Muir at bottom of twisting highway you'll see beach Remain on highway 1, 2 miles later, on top of ridge, look for stand of eucalyptus trees on right, park on right side. Planes may be visible to the left. Park. Don't get killed by traffic when you're taking stuff out of your car and crossing the hiway, take little path to the west and lift heaven. [editor] Site is world class flying. Average class landing when others are flying. When no one else is flying the landing pad is great. Touch and go's are difficult because of the short grass which has a little tuft on the top. Makes an effective grappling hook and bleeds energy fast. Truely great people. Rating: 1. Only problem is the frequent fog which often swamps the site. On foggy days flying is typically possible from 3-5pm when the fog clears some what. Clear days are fabuous.

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